ELD (English Language Development) Program

  • Introduction

    English learners in the West Chester Area School District represent over 40 different languages and countries. In the 2021-22 school year, the District had more than 468 EL students.

    Program Goal

    The goal of the West Chester Area School District’s ELD Program is to develop English language proficiency and cognitive academic language proficiency (CALP) in English language learners so that they can function independently in the mainstream classroom setting. To this end, program instruction is conducted in English. The foundation for the curriculum is a standards-based curriculum aligned to the English Language Development Standards and PDE’s Standards Aligned System (PDE SAS) ELL Overlay.

    Student and Parent/Guardian Orientation Procedures

    • At the time of registration, students and families are made aware of the programs, resources, and personnel who will support them in school.
    • An ELD/Title III Open House is held in October to acquaint the families of ELs with the services available to them in the school district and in the community. Teachers, instructional assistants, caseworkers, and administrators are present to answer questions and to interpret as needed. The Title III Open House is conducted in English and Spanish for the families of the Spanish speakers.


    Instruction for ELLs

    Literacy Resources for ELLs

    Resources for Families

    National Organizations

    • TESOL - Learn about what is happening in the world of English Language Learners
    • NABE  - National Organization for Bilingual Educators

    Pennsylvania Resource

    • PDE’s ELD Resource - Pennsylvania has a rich resource available for questions dealing with English Learners.