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    West Chester Area School District 

    DENOUNCES human rights violations suffered by the Black community.

    The senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, & our own Bianca Roberson challenge our school community to confront the history of pain & suffering that has occurred because of systemic racism & inequitable structures in America & public education.

    SUPPORTS students & families of every race, color, creed, identity, ability, & orientation as they engage in purposeful learning without bias or judgment.

    STANDS in solidarity to ensure diverse & inclusive curricula & instruction for all students.
    PROVIDES equitable access to all district programming.

    Our Students Strive
    To REPRESENT a complex tapestry of collective & individual talent who threads the soul & future of our community, state, & nation.

    Our Teachers Strive
    To CULTIVATE a sense of community in our students through culturally relevant teaching practices.

    To PROMOTE instruction that encourages students to demonstrate understandings through creativity, performance, & response.

    To DEVELOP community, collaboration, & critical thinking in our classrooms.

    To FOSTER an inclusive culture through diverse texts & resources in all areas of study.

    embolden one another to tell our stories & listen to multiple perspectives that support the discussion of new ideas affecting a positive change.