• The mission of the West Chester Area School District

    is to educate and inspire our students to achieve their personal best.

  • About Us   Departments in the WCASD   WCASD School Board of Directors

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  • 2019-2020 Budget Expenditures & Uses

    Breakdown summary of how the budget is spent                 


    2019-2020 Budget Revenue & Sources

     breakdown summary of where the budget money comes from



  • Increased Home Values in the WCASD

    Home values in the WCASD have increased over $35,000 in 5 years

  • Curriculum   2018 Parent Survey results   Points of Pride

  • ACT & SAT Scores

    ACT Scores for the past three years           

    WCASD SAT Scores compared to State and National scores

  • National Merit and AP Scholars

    Class of 2018

    26 National AP Scholars
    143 AP Scholars with Distinction
    59 AP Scholars with Honors
    108 AP Scholars

    6 National Merit Finalists
    12 National Merit Semi-Finalists
    33 National Merit Commended

    Class of 2019

    11 National Merit Finalists
    12 National Merit Semi-Finalists
    33 National Merit Commended

  • Class of 2018 Future Plans

    Future Plans of the Class of 2018

  • Padres Latinos del distrito escolar del área de West Chester   WCASD Preschool Parents Group   West Chester Area Education Foundation

  • WCASD Professional Teaching Staff

    The degrees the professional staff hold

    All of the WCASD Administrative Staff hold an advanced degree

  • Average Daily Attendance for 2018-19

    Elementary Daily Attendance rate is 96.25%   Middle school Daily Attendance rate is 96.05%   High School Daily Attendance rate is 94.84%

  • Transportation Costs for the 2018-19 school year


    WCASD transports students to 163 schools of which only 16 are public    Transportation costs are $13,015,759.30 and state of PA subsidizes $3,736,844


  • Communications Department   WCASD Community Bulletin Board   Retiree Substitute Volunteer Program (RSVP)

  • It will shock you how many visits our webpage receives in a year!



    Total visits to the WCASD website 3,324,796