What is Art Goes to School (AGTS)?

  • Art Goes to School (AGTS) brings art appreciation and history to elementary school children. Our primary purpose is to help children discover an enjoyment and understanding of art. You don't need any art background to participate; AGTS provides all training.

    We hold five training sessions in the fall to learn about our year's portfolio of 15 - 20 art reproductions. We discuss activities and games to engage the children. Between January and May we spend a full school week at each elementary school in the district (Fern Hill is usually visited in March) presenting to the regularly scheduled art classes. Each volunteer typically visits one class per week. Volunteers often enjoy presenting to their own children's classes.

    What's in it for you, the prospective volunteer? You will deepen your own interest and knowledge in art, take part in lively discussions, find yourself in art museums more often, and have fun working with kids.

    If you are interested in finding out more, or volunteering yourself, contact Kim Beazley at kbeazley@verizon.net