Drop Off and Pick Up Parking Lot Procedures

  • Drop Off and Pick Up Parking Lot Procedures
    General Instructions for Both

    During Drop Off times in the morning, and Pick Up time in the afternoon, cars and buses share the same driveway. Be careful where you see the RED ARROWS!!

    Please have your children use the passenger side of the vehicle. Children need to be able to do their own seatbelts and car seats.

    Parents should not get out of the car. If your child needs additional assistance, please park in the parking lot and escort them across to the sidewalk.

    As long as all drivers are cautious, everything will run smoothly.

    *GREEN= Car Loop*
    *YELLOW = Bus Loop*
    *Red Arrows=Pay Attention!!*

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    Drop Off -

    • Drop off time runs from 8:30 am to 9:00 am.
    • Children need to be in the classroom by 9:05 am
    • Class instruction begins at 9:10.
    • Parents should follow the green arrow, and use the Car Line Loop only.
    • Please drop off at the paws painted on the sidewalk. 5 cars can empty at the same time. You do not need to wait until you are first in line to drop off.

    Pick up:

    • Pick up time runs from 3:10 to 3:20
    • Class instruction ends at 3:05.
    • A line may form while waiting for Pick Up, but once we start moving, it should go quickly.
    • Please remain in your car and queue up in the parking lot. It is extremely helpful to have your child’s last name displayed on the dash board.
    • We will try to load 4-5 cars at once in the afternoon.
    • If the cars in front of you have not picked up their children yet, it is ok to safely pass cars and exit the property.
    • BE CAREFUL!!!


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    We are using the PickUp Patrol App for Student PickUp

    If your child normally takes the bus, but you need to pick them up at school at dismissal:

    • Please update the Pickup Patrol app indicating that your child will be picked up.
    • If a situation arises after 2:00 pm and you need to pick up your child in the car line, contact the office prior to 3 p.m.