Hillsdale Philosophy

  •  At Hillsdale we know...

    • our children can learn.
    • our children demonstrate appropriate behavior.
    • our children are courteous and respectful to each other and to adults.
    • our children will be most successful with a supportive family environment.

    At Hillsdale we believe...

    • a child who works hard enough can learn enough.
    • smart is not only what children are, but what they become.
    • in a positive approach to learning and interacting with others.
    • children should accept others for who they are and respect their differences.

    At Hillsdale we expect...

    if a student is to do well in school and in life he or she must:

    • respect those in authority.
    • not harm himself/herself or others.
    • complete all assignments.
    • study hard and persevere.
    • listen and follow directions.
    • be responsible.
    • make good choices.
    • be a life long learner.