Educational Questions & Concerns


    Parents sometimes wonder where to turn with a question or a concern regarding their child or other school issues. Starting "too high up the ladder" often requires information backtracking and can leave valuable allies out of the loop. When you are not happy with a particular answer or solution, where do you go without ruffling too many feathers? Here are some handy guidelines to use.

    If it is a classroom problem, start with your child's teacher. He/she is in the best position to address classroom-related issues.

    If the problem is outside the teacher's area of expertise or control, the teacher will refer you to the right person. If you have not been able to resolve your problem with the teacher, go next to the principal who usually will be able to resolve your problem or refer you to the right person.

    If you still cannot resolve your problem, call or write Dr. Sara Missett, Director of Elementary Education (484-266-1070 or or Superintendent Jim Scanlon (484-266-1001 or