• Attention students currently enrolled in an AP level course!

    In order to participate in AP exams this May, you must register on-line

    The AP Exam registration window is October 23th 2020 until November 6th, 2020 and must be completed via payschoolscentral.com

    The AP Exam fee is $99.00 per exam.

    The AP Capstone Exam is $148.00 per exam


    You will receive an AP Bulletin for Students and Parents, which highlights important AP Exam information, from your AP course teacher prior to or during the registration period.

    You can also access AP Exam information on-line at:



    Instructions for Paying for your AP Exam


    1. Go to the WCASD district website.
    2. Click Families & Students
    3. Under the P section, there will be a tab named PaySchoolsCentral(PayForIt)
    4. Once you are in the section, there will be a hyperlink that says PaySchoolsCentral
    5. Click that link and the PaySchoolsCentral page will start to initialize
    6. Parents can log in with the ID that they used for PayForIt at the log in prompt
    7. When you are in the website, scroll down to the section called Fees
    8. Under Assigned Fees, there will be a fee named the AP Exam(s) for the AP class.  ( If the cost says $0.00 please still finish the registration)  
    9. Pay the fee through the website and refresh
    10. Check Payment History on the right hand side under History to confirm the payment went through.
    11. If there are any problems, feel free to reach out and email Mrs. Setlock regarding the problem.


    If the WCASD district website does not work, you can also search up PaySchoolsCentral.com and then go through their login with your old PayForIt account.

    Please contact Mrs. Setlock (ssetlock@wcasd.net ) if you have any questions or need additional information or assistance.

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