Welcome Message

  • Dear East Goshen Parents/Guardians:

    Welcome to East Goshen Elementary, a K-5 school that is noted for educational excellence and commitment to children. East Goshen provides students with opportunities to become the best they can be by employing a staff that cares about their academic, social, and emotional needs. The faculty, parents, and community work closely together to provide a nurturing environment that is conducive to learning. Students are encouraged to reach high academic levels, participate in various activities, and contribute to their school and community through outreach projects.

    Classes at East Goshen are self-contained with a strong emphasis on differentiated instructional practices that provide instruction at their individual level. Students receive instruction from specialists in art, music, library, and physical education. Computers and interactive whiteboards are in every classroom and laptops with Internet access are available. We have remedial programs in reading, adaptive physical education, occupational, physical and speech/language therapy. East Goshen has a full-time instructional coach who works with classroom teachers to improve instruction for students. A full-time gifted research teacher is on site to support gifted instruction in the classrooms and to provide pull-out instruction, acceleration and enrichment.

    We are especially fortunate to have a large group of involved and supportive parents. The contributions they make greatly enhance the school environment and make East Goshen a special place to be. The very active Home and School Association make many things possible through both direct school support and fundraising efforts.

    East Goshen takes pride in its students, staff and community, and we welcome the participation of your family.


    Mr. TJ (Thomas) Seidenberger