• Activity Fee Information

    The West Chester Area School District has a tradition of offering high-quality extra-curricular programs for students. Finding a way to maintain that tradition while facing annual budget gaps has become a growing challenge every year. In order to help offset the costs of our extra-curricular programs, the district assesses a student participation fee. This fee is assessed only for students who participate in extra-curricular activities supported by a contracted coach, advisor, or director.

    The Activity Fee is designed to be as fair and equitable as possible and, as a result, fees are set at levels that will not discourage participation. Therefore, fees are set within a structure that represents underlying costs, as well as the fee policies of surrounding districts, while also taking into account other support provided by booster organizations.

    The Activity Fee for participation in extra-curricular activities remains unchanged for the 2017-2018 school year. The fees for participation are as follows:

    High School: $100
    Middle School: $75
    Elementary School: $25
    The maximum per family is capped at $250

    Our district is committed to ensuring that no student will be denied extra-curricular activity participation because of a concern regarding cost, therefore we also provide information regarding financial help.

    In order to help parents with a convenient, fair and seamless payment process, the district is again using PayForIt, an on-line method of making a payment. Directions for using this system can be found on individual school websites and on your school's athletic homepage.

    The following payment deadlines have been established for 2017-18: