Remote Access

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    Using Remote Access


    Remote access” is a way to download a file from your network user folder to your home computer to work on it or print it out. Then when you are finished, you will need to copy the new version of the file back to your network folder.

    ** Note: You will be able to download files only from your network user folder—not from your school computer’s hard drive. WHILE IN REMOTE ACCESS YOUR SESSION WILL AUTOMATICALLY DISCONNECT IF IDLE FOR 5 MINUTES.



    • Home: Your homepage which lists the Windows File/Staff Folders
    • Windows Files: Lists your Favorite Folder
    Remote Folders
      Remote Home
      Your subfolders and any documents not in folders will be shown in the left hand column. Click on the folder or document to go to the download screen.


    • Sort files by: Enables sorting by name, size, extension, last access time, last save time or creation date.
    • Download as Zip: Enables you to download a folder; if you want to include documents in the subfolders you will need to put a checkmark in “include subfolders”.
    • Upload file: Click on Browse to locate the document on your home computer that you want to upload to your district user folder. Then click Upload File to save that document to your user folder.
    • Search for files: Remove the *,* and enter either the name of the file you are searching for or a word in the name of the file. Check Include subfolders if your document might be located in a subfolder. In the Containing box you could enter a word or phrase that is in the document you are searching for. Then click on Search for files.
    • Create subfolder: Enter a title for the subfolder you want to create and then click Create subfolder.


    When you select a document in FOLDERS view, you will see the following screen:                   Create Folders

    To just view your document:

    1. Click on Load into Browser
    2. Click on View as plain text (no graphics will be displayed in this option.)

    To download a document to your home computer:

    1. Right click on Load into Browser and go to Save target as
    2. In the File Download window: Click on Save and save to your computer

    To download a very large file or if you are using a slower, dial-up modem:
    You should compress or “zip” your file before you download so that it takes less time as follows:

    1. Click on Download as Zip Archive and go to Save target as
    2. In the File download window, click on Save and save the “zip” file to your computer.

    ** Note: You will need a file decompression program on your computer to “unzip” this archive. Windows XP has the ability to unzip files.


    To download more than one file:
    Add the files to the shopping “cart” then download all the files together in a “zip” file.                              Current Cart Content

    1. Click on Add to cart to add files to your cart, one at a time.
    2. When you have all your documents added to your cart, click on View cart.
    3. Click on Download cart in a zip and save to your home computer.
    4. Once you have downloaded, click on Clear your cart
    5. “Unzip” the cart on your computer to work on your documents.                                                                                


    To upload files back to your User Folder:
    UPLOAD: Using “one level up” link or “Windows Files” link go back to your folder window (see previous page).

    1. Click on Browse to navigate to your document on your home computer and click on Open.
    2. Click on Upload file. You will notice you now have two files with the same name, except .bak was added to the one you just uploaded.