What counselors and freshmen discuss in their individual conferences

  • In mid-October, as part of their four-year developmental counseling program, freshmen participate in a series of programs that include information on the following topics:

    Technical College High School (TCHS) *Counseling and Intervention Programs and Services

     *An Overview of High School: positive decision-making, the path to academic success, and starting off on the “right foot”.

    Through the second semester, counselors meet individually with freshmen to follow up on the orientation conducted in October. During the Individual Freshman Conference, your student and their counselor discuss the keys to success: grades, credits, promotion requirements, attendance, self-discipline, course selection, GPA, rank, extracurricular activities, and support services. They also work together in Naviance (an online career and college guidance system) to develop a four-year plan that includes graduation requirements; academic, personal, and career goals; and course selection related to these goals. Parent involvement in their student’s four-year plan is crucial to their student’s success. In addition to receiving copies of the conference notes and four-year plan that their student will bring home, parents are invited to view their student’s information in Naviance by clicking on the tabs 'Courses' and 'About Me'. Parents may also attend their child's conference by contacting their counselor in February.

    Ms. Elizabeth Bender/A-Cr

    Dr. Korey Bell/Cu-Hog

    Ms. Morgan Gamble/Hoh-McC

    Ms. Kathy Teague/Me-Sal

    Ms. Rebecca Singer/Sam-Z