Practicing Tips for Band Students

  • 1) Set aside a quiet place for practice. Make sure that there is adequate lighting.  A music stand, rather than a table or piano, should be used to display music.

    2) Make practice a part of the "daily routine." Mornings are a good alternative to busy afternoon and evening schedules.  A little bit of practice each day is far more beneficial than one "marathon" session of practice once a week.

    3) Support and encourage your child to practice. Never use practice as a punishment.

    4) Remember that beginners will sound like beginners. Don't tease or allow siblings to make fun of squeaks or "interesting" sounds that may come out. Improvement will come gradually with slow and consistent practice.

    5) Practice does not make perfect- perfect practice does. Practice difficult passages slowly until you learn them, then gradually increase the speed.  If you start making mistakes, then slow it down!!!

    Remember, the key to practice is consistency!