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    West Chester Area School District has an in-house technical support staff that provides the highest level of technology and data support to seventeen schools, the Spellman Education Center, and our Facilities and Operations Center. We also manage a fiber optic data and voice network spanning an area of nearly 75 square miles. Our goal is to always be both respectful and responsive to the various stakeholders we serve.

    Each school is staffed with tech associates who provide the first-line of technical support.  Further assistance can be obtained from the HelpDesk where issues may be escalated to our education center-based technical team, data processing team, or networking team.

    Tech Liaisons are our tech lead teachers who provide both a direct line of communication to the technology department and professional development and training opportunities to their colleagues. The District also provides instructional coaches at each elementary school and instructional technology coordinators at both the elementary and secondary divisions.

    Each secondary school has a building administrator who handles technology-related student matters in coordination with the school principal, secondary education director, and information technology director.

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