• Who We Are
    The WCAEF is an independent non-profit organization created in October 2010 to attract private resources exclusively for the benefit of students in the West Chester Area School District. The Foundation will help ensure our schools retain their top-notch reputation by providing enhancements for students to prepare them for college and careers.

    Programs, projects, and activities supported by the Foundation will be aligned with the District's Strategic Plan and Mission Statement, "Educating and inspiring students to achieve their personal best." The Foundation's Board of Directors consists of WCASD retirees and students, alumni, local business leaders, and District staff.

    Please watch a student-produced video on the Foundation.

    The Foundation is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to supplement creative, meaningful, real-world experiences for students in the West Chester Area School District.

    The Foundation will communicate and support the value of education and business partnerships to all constituents in our community. 

    Why We're Needed
    The WCASD offers many enriching, dynamic, successful programs to help students achieve; but with diminishing resources and greater expectations, we must rely on community support if we are going to remain competitive in the global workforce. The Foundation identifies and secures alternative revenue sources to fund innovative programs and projects. The Foundation also provides an avenue to expand existing educational opportunities for students both in and out of the classroom. Students will gain valuable business experience that provides opportunities for them to explore career options before post-secondary education or entering the workforce. The content of the curriculum, where practical, will connect our students to real-world applications of knowledge and skills which should help students understand the connection between what they're learning in the classroom and their future. Connecting curriculum to real-world experiences engages and excites students preparing them for college and careers in the highly-competitive workplace. Students benefit through collaborative learning and problem-solving in the workplace, the possibility of earning while learning, and working with professionals in their career area.

    We are seeking volunteers and business partners to provide experiential learning opportunities for high school juniors and seniors in the form of internships and job shadowing. Mentors are also needed.

    Internship and Mentoring Program To meet our mission, we must help support the West Chester Area School District's Internship Program, which allows students to make the connection between what they learn in the classroom and its real-world application in the workplace. Job Shadowing is included in this category. 

    Innovative Classroom Mini-Grant
    Funds are provided to support staff members who develop creative projects that enhance learning experiences to maximize student achievement.

    Student Leadership Grant Program
    Entrepreneurial students working collaboratively may receive grants for creating projects that are based on service, philanthropy, or the development of a new product or service that meets a need or provides a solution 

    Payroll Deduction Program 
    West Chester Area School District employees have an opportunity to contribute to the Foundation through payroll deduction.