Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bus Transportation

  • Preguntas frecuentes acerca del transporte en autobús

    1. When will parents receive bus information?

      About 10 to 15 days before the start of school, preliminary busing information will be posted on the Parentportal.  This information will include the child’s bus stop location, bus number, and bus pick-up and drop-off time. Final busing information will be reposted to the parent portal the week before school begins.  Student registration occurs late into the summer, and the changes in student numbers impact our bus scheduling. This is why we have to wait until shortly before the start of school to finalize our busing information (and teacher assignments.)
    2. What time should my child be at the bus stop?

      Once the bus routes are clearly established, we ask that children arrive at the stop at least 5 minutes before their scheduled pickup time. During the first few weeks of school, buses may run early and/or late.
    3. Can I have transportation from my child’s day care?

      Parents may complete a request form (good for one year) to receive transportation to and from a day care if it is located in the school’s attendance boundaries. Students are only permitted one bus stop in the morning and one bus stop in the afternoon so all daycare requests will need to be on a Monday thru Friday schedule.  We cannot honor blended schedules. 
    4. Will my child have an assigned seat on the bus?

      Kindergarten students are assigned to sit in the front of the bus. Other assigned seats are given as needed.
    5. How is busing affected when there is a two hour delay or an early dismissal?

      If there is a two-hour delay, all pickup times are simply shifted two hours later (an 8:50 a.m. pickup time becomes a 10:50 a.m. pickup time.) In the event of an unscheduled early dismissal, stop times will be adjusted based on the early dismissal decision.
    6. I don’t want my child to get off the bus if I am not present. What should I do?

      District policy allows for afternoon drop off of all grade levels without an adult present.  If a parent requests that their student be required to have an adult present, the parent may let the regular bus driver know – however, the student also needs to know that they may not get off the bus without an adult present should a substitute driver be used. The student can remind the bus driver, especially a substitute bus driver, that there is no one there to meet them, and they may not get off the bus. The bus driver will contact their supervisor and the supervisor will facilitate a resolution. The bus driver may not be able to wait at a particular bus stop awaiting a resolution and might continue on the route before returning to the bus stop or returning the student to school. 

    7. What if my child wants to ride the bus only one way to or from school, or wants to ride it some days and be driven to school on others?

      It is always a plus when the driver is familiar with your child, but if the situation requires him/her to be an infrequent rider, it’s a good idea to let the bus driver know that. As long as your child’s name and bus stop are on the roster, he/she is permitted to ride whenever they wish. If a stop hasn’t been utilized for two consecutive weeks, the stop will be dropped from the route.
    8. What if there is a conflict between my child and another child on the bus?

      Discuss the issue with your child’s building principal.
    9. How do you determine whether it’s safe for school buses to travel on snowy and icy days?

      A team of administrators evaluates the roads by driving them and talking early in the morning with township supervisors and bus companies to make the best decision possible based on forecasts and road reports.

    10. How do I download the Bus Status App to receive alerts if my child's bus is running late?

    Download Bus Status App instuctions / Descargue la aplicación Bus Status