WCASD Sick Leave Bank


    A Sick Leave Bank has been implemented in the District. Employees are eligible to join.

    • The Sick Leave Bank is voluntary for all full-time and part-time employees, and only participating members may benefit from the program.

    • All new employees who wish to join the Sick Bank must donate one (1) day upon joining the bank and two (2) days the second year of their enrollment.

    • Employees who join the Sick Leave Bank become eligible for benefits from the bank one (1) year from the date they become members of the Sick Leave Bank. Renewal in the Bank is assumed, unless withdrawal in written form is given to the committee by the member.

    • Members may withdraw from membership in the Sick Leave Bank upon termination of employment with the West Chester Area School District. Days contributed by the member may not be withdrawn.

    Please click on the link below for more information regarding the District’s Sick Leave Bank:

    Here is a link to the application if you wish to join the Sick Leave Bank:

    Submitting to the Sick Leave Bank Committee for Use of Sick Leave Bank Days

    For sick leave bank members who would like to apply for use of Sick Leave Bank Days, a written application for days is required by a member prior to the anticipated date of usage and must be accompanied by a statement from the treating physician or practitioner as to estimated time or period of recovery. In any case where clarity is needed by the Committee, a second opinion may be required of the member and will be the responsibility of the member. In addition, here are some important qualifications regarding the eligibility of the use of sick leave bank days:

    • All accumulated sick leave, personal days, vacation days, and other paid days must have been used before an individual is eligible for any Sick Leave Bank days and only those who contribute can receive days from the Bank.

    • A person who is on Worker’s Compensation or any disability plan will not qualify.

    • All cases shall be reviewed for final decisions by the Sick Leave Bank Committee. Disputes involving the Sick Leave Bank, shall not be subject to the grievance/arbitration provisions of this Agreement.

    Email Deb Baker for more information.