Earned Income Tax Information

  • The earned income tax is a tax levied as a percent of earned income and or net profits. The West Chester Area School District along with the Municipalities located within the District boundaries share in the levy of a 1% earned income tax. The share is divided equally among the District and the Municipality.

    The Local Tax Enabling Act requires every employer having a factory, workshop, branch, warehouse or other place of business within the District to register with the earned income tax officer of that district. For the West Chester Area School District, the officer is:

    Keystone Collections Group

    All employers with work sites within the taxing jurisdiction are required by law to deduct the earned income tax from their employees.

    The West Chester Area School District ordinance contains a provision imposing the earned income tax on both residents and nonresidents. Accordingly, the employer is required to withhold from all employees regardless of their place of residence and remit the taxes to Keystone Collections Group. The responsibility for transmitting withheld taxes of nonresidents to the employees’ place of residence rests with Keystone Collections Group, not with the employer.

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    Questions? Please contact:

    Mary Burgoyne

Earned Income Tax Information