Substitute Teachers and Support Staff in the WCASD

  •  Thank you for your interest in being a substitute in the West Chester Area School District! 

    To be eligible to substitute in our District, you will need to apply via Kelly Education Services - the West Chester Area School District's exclusive provider of substitute teachers, substitute instructional aides, substitute instructional assistants, substitute secretaries, and substitute nurses.


    Substitute teaching is a great opportunity to be a mentor and help students become the best versions of themselves. West Chester Area School District partners with Kelly Education, a leading provider of substitute teachers to school districts across the U.S to manage our substitute program. To learn more or apply for substitute teacher positions at West Chester Area School District, please contact Kelly Education by completing the Inquiry Form below and a recruiter will follow up with you.  Have questions, call 800-991-5157, Option 2.

     You or someone you know interested in a position?  Kelly Education Inquiry Form  



    The pay range for substitute teaching in the West Chester Area School District for the 2021-2022 is as follows:

    • $150/day Day to Day Assignments
    • $175/day Building Sub
    • $175 after 20 consecutive days in one position
    • $200 Surge Rate  (Pre-determined dates in the school calendar)
    • $180 Low Incidence Classrooms 
    • $180 WCASD Retired Teachers 

    There are no benefits associated with this position. 


    The pay range for our support staff substitutes begins at approximately $10 per hour. 

    Start the application process by reaching out to Kelly Education Services by using the Inquiry Form link above.

    You will need to provide originals of the following as part of the application process:

    •Your Child Abuse Clearance (must be within the past year)
    •Your Criminal Clearance (must be within the past year)
    •Your FBI Clearance (must be within the past year)
    •Your Pennsylvania Certification

    Applicants who hold a teaching certification in a state other than Pennsylvania will be required to complete a General Application for the PA Certificate Form PDE 338 G on hire along with providing your college transcripts in an unopened college-sealed envelope.