Concert Dress


    Black pants or Skirt (approp. length please)
    White Dress Top - must have sleeves.  No tank tops.
    Black/White Dress - you may wear a dress that's either black, white or a combination of both.  No other colors, please.
    Leggings optional - remember it will be warm.
    Dress Shoes – no Uggs or sneakers


    Black Dress Pants
    Black Socks
    Black Dress Shoes – no sneakers.  Sperry's are acceptable.
    White Dress Shirt; sleeve length up to you.
    Tie – the pattern/color doesn’t matter.

    Charger Chorale and Vocal Ensemble Members:

    Khakis Pants
    Dress Shoes:  no Uggs or sneakers
    Peirce Middle School Polo Shirt.