Math in Focus

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    WCASD utilizing Math in Focus in grades K - 8


    Students in WCASD utilize Math in Focus to assist with meeting the Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards. The program - also referred to as Singapore Math - draws on best practices from around the world and highlights problem solving as the focus of mathematical learning. The strategies in the program include a "bar model" approach that incorporates strong preparation for algebraic thinking by starting with concrete models, then transferring that knowledge to pictorial representations, and finally obtaining the abstract understanding. These strategies, which have expanded to nearly every country around the world, help expand the problem-solving abilities of our students.

    Singapore math addresses the fact that all children learn differently. Through detailed instruction and visual aids, Singapore math devotes more time to fewer topics to ensure that students master the material.

    Students use the Math in Focus program from Kindergarten through Pre-Algebra.  

    Suggested online resources that support the use of Bar Modeling are listed below. Questions regarding the math program can be directed to Math Supervisor, Ian Kerr at