High School Guidance and Counseling Services - 12th Grade

  • The high school counseling departments of the WCASD offer a proactive developmental program which provides students with age-appropriate information based on their educational needs and goals. In order to accomplish this goal the counselors conduct structured individual, large and small group conferences and presentations with students in grades 9 -12. In addition to these individual and group conferences arranged by the counselors, students and parents may schedule appointments as needed with their assigned counselor.

    Counselors are assigned student caseloads by alphabet, grades nine through twelve. All issues specific to a particular student such as scheduling, course selection, educational and career planning; academic, social and emotional issues are addressed by the counselor of record.

    Counselor/Student Assignments 

    Elizabeth Bender (ebender@wcasd.net): A –Cr (484) 266-3407

    Koreem Bell (kbell1@wcasd.net): Cu - Hog (484) 266-3407

    Morgan Gamble (mgamble@wcasd.net): Hoh - Mc (484) 266-3408

    Kathleen Teague (kteague@wcasd.net): Me - Sal (484) 266-3408

    Rebecca Singer (rsinger@wcasd.net): Sam – Z (484) 266-3408

    Candy Jakubowski (cjakubowski@wcasd.net): Intervention Counselor (484) 266-3408

     12th Grade - Seniors

    Within the first two weeks of school in September, the counselors meet with the senior class to focus on post secondary school planning. Topics such as the college application process, financial aid, NCAA requirements, and information on college entrance exams are explained to seniors in detail through large group presentation and written materials.  The weeks following the senior class meeting are designated for individual senior conferences. Each counselor meets with their students individually to discuss their plans for post-graduation. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend this conference with their student. Contact your student’s counselor to schedule a time during the school day that is least disruptive to your student’s schedule. Topics covered in the individual conference include:

    *Transcript review: credits, GPA, rank, activities, and remaining graduation requirements.

    *College and/or career search/resume builder using Naviance’s Colleges and Careers sections.

    *Review of relevant deadlines for college applications, college entrance exams, scholarships, and financial aid.

    A general timeline for seniors:


    Register for the October or November SAT I or ACT test. Be aware of the requirements of colleges being considered. Arrange to take SAT II tests if appropriate.

    September through October:                      

    Meet with your counselor for the senior conference. Work on college applications. Get teacher recommendations.

    September through December:                   

    Meet with college representatives. Become aware of scholarships (available in Naviance, and on the guidance and counseling department website). Continue to complete college applications. Requests for transcripts are due according to the Guidance Department timeline (check link "application process"). Completion prior to the winter break is important.


    Be aware of college deadlines for financial aid forms. The forms are available on-line. Check link "show me the money"                                          


    Encourage parents to attend Financial Aid Night. Listen to morning/afternoon announcements for location, date, and time.


    Request mid-year grades be sent, if your college requests them. A form will be provided to each senior at the end of second marking period.

    March through June:                           

    Please inform the Guidance Department about schools that send acceptance letters to you. Inform guidance of your final college choice.  Register for and take AP exams.

    Remember: Most schools request end of the year grades. Don’t allow an acceptance to the college of your choice encourage a lack of work during the last marking period.

     Parents can help their seniors in the following ways:

    1. Attend the College Application Process Night for parents in late September (time, location, and date TBA) or check out the guidelines for the college application process on the HHS Guidance website. This includes information on college applications, essays, teacher recommendations, college entrance exams, financial aid and more.

    2. Continue to monitor academic progress through progress reports, PowerSchool's Parent Portal, and teacher conferences (in person, phone or email). Academic assistance is offered to all students in the following ways: after-school help from teachers, the Achievement Center, and peer tutoring through the National Honor Society. Your student’s teacher or counselor can help your student access these resources upon request.

    3. Continue to visit college campuses. To visit a college, call the admissions office in advance to arrange a tour and/or speak with an admissions counselor. Attend area college fairs (published in the August edition of the Counseling Dept. newsletter The Pathfinder available online on the HHS homepage and the Counseling Dept. homepage), and meet with college reps who visit HHS throughout the year.

    4. Remind your student to register for SAT/ACT if appropriate (Most students take SATs and or ACT's at least twice and usually three times between second semester of junior year through first semester of senior year). www.collegeboard.com and www.act.org.

    5. Help your student research scholarships and financial aid online. The HHS Counseling website provides these resources.

    6. Attend the Financial Aid Meeting for Parents in January.


    Many of our college-bound seniors have received admissions decisions from the colleges and universities that they had applied to.  May 1st is considered the “candidate’s reply date.”  This is when a student must commit to one college or university, and solidify their decision as to where they will be heading next fall!  Please keep in mind that before graduation, all seniors must complete a senior survey, as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the West Chester Area School District.  The survey will be distributed during homeroom in mid-May, and must be completed before receiving a diploma.  On this survey, students indicated the college that they plan to attend in the fall so a final transcript can be mailed by July 1st.  If plans change, and a student decides to attend a different college or university from the original school indicated on the survey, they must notify the Counseling Office asap.