Conflicts Managers

  • Fern Hill Elementary has continued the commitment to develop the Children’s Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC) program within our school.  The goal is to help students develop cooperation and communication skills so they will be better able to talk over problems and solve them.  This process includes Conflict Managers and Conflict Manager Training.  Conflict Managers are teacher-nominated fourth and fifth grade students (16 students from each grade).  These students are responsible and willing to volunteer their time to help younger peers talk through problems that may occur during recess.  The Conflict Managers serve as visual reminders for any student in need of conflict resolution.  Teachers remain on recess duty at all times and will support the Conflict Managers as needed. Conflict Managers work in pairs for one 30-minute shift approximately every-other week during the younger grades recess periods.  We appreciate the service of our Fern Hill Conflict Managers!

    Please contact Kate Coulter ( and/or Carrie Winfield ( with questions or concerns.