FID Overview

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Education allows public schools to hold a maximum of five Flexible Instructional Days (FID) per year. These five FIDs count as school days, and are not required to be made up at a later date. During an FID, teachers will provide learning assignments for the students to complete at home on a day that otherwise would have to be made up. 

    For a brief overview of Flexible Instruction Days in the WCASD, check out our WCASD Flexible Instruction Day Quick Guide!

Student Expectations

  • Elementary students will:

    • continue the day rotation on an FID,
    • not report to school,
    • log into their learning platform, either Seesaw or Schoology, by 9:00 a.m.,
    • complete assignments that teachers provide and submit the assignments within three school days of the FID,
    • be provided the day's schedule for both synchronous (zoom meetings) and asynchronous work that will be posted on either Seesaw or Schoology (schedule examples).  
    • and complete lessons for classes that are typically scheduled for the day including specials such as physical education, health, art, music, library and counseling.

    Secondary students will:

    • continue the day rotation on an FID,
    • respond to a Schoology prompt to verify attendance for each class period each day,
    • be expected to be online during your class periods as defined by the closure bell schedule,
    • and engage in class discussions, group projects and complete all work assigned to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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