Students in the snow

Process Overview

  • If you are visiting this page, then that means that it must be that time of year when we start to worry about the possibility of inclement weather!

    Following a careful review of key weather-related factors, building conditions, and fellow local school districts' plans, WCASD may decide it is in the best interest of our students and staff to issue an early dismissal, delay the start of school, close schools and offices for the day, or call a Flexible Instruction Day (FID). We make these decisions as soon as we can to inform you in a timely manner.

School Schedule Change Notification

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Flexible Instruction Day (FID)

  • The WCASD participates in the Flexible Instruction Day (FID) Program. An FID offers an alternative approach to delivering instruction due to weather or other emergencies when travel or access to our buildings is not possible. FID(s) eliminates the need for make-up days in the event of school cancelations as they count as full days of school. We will first use traditional snow days in the event of inclement weather. Once we have exhausted our snow days, we would then utilize an FID. You can find more detailed information and expectations for WCASD’s Flexible Instruction Day (FID) program under the page named "Flexible Instruction Day (FID)."