Services by Counselors

  • 504 Accommodation Plans/Revisions (Counselors)

    • Process requests from parents and/or teachers
    • Evaluate the need for new plans
    • Modify/revise existing plans/accommodations
    • Assist parents and teachers with carrying out accommodations remotely

    Social Emotional Learning (Counselors)

    • Support teachers in implementation of Second Step program
    • Assist and support teachers  with providing additional connectedness activities for students

    Gifted Screening (Counselors)

    • Process requests from parents and/or teachers
    • Carry out the screening process prior to students possibly being evaluated by school psychologist
    • Communicate with parents and staff in regards to progress, process, and results

    Connectedness (Counselors)

    • Building specific "drop-ins" "hang outs" and "get-togethers" for students to build connections with classmates and teachers

    Resilience (Counselors)

    • Building and need specific information and strategies on topics such as organizational skills, executive functioning skills, emotional resilience, coping skills, and mindfulness

    Emotional Safety (Counselors)

    • Building and need specific help and strategies provided to build emotional safety at home and upon the return to school

Services by Counselors and Mental Health Specialists

  • Individual and Group Counseling (Counselors and Mental Health Specialists)

    • Provide counseling services relating to school concerns as needed for individual students
    • Provide counseling services as needed for groups of students who would benefit from group activity (ex. friendship skills, stress reduction, etc.)
    • Meet with parents as needed in order to provide assistance in supporting their child's emotional needs at home

    Team Representation (Counselors and Mental Health Specialists)

    • Attend IEP meetings as an LEA (Local Educational Agency Representative)
    • Core member of MTSS (Multi-Tier System of Supports) team (discuss students' progress and possible barriers to academic success)

Additional Services

  • Communication with Parents and Students

    • Schoology Connection pages for each grade level
    • Schoology messaging for groups and individuals
    • Information distribution
    • Additional support resources
    • Calendly links to schedule appointments

    Miscellaneous Counseling-related services

    • Academic questions answered
    • Support in completion of Naviance artifacts
    • Collaboration in team meetings
    • Support with time management/EF Support