• The safety and well-being of our students and staff are a top priority across the nation. As leaders, educators, and community members, we must work together to create safe and secure learning environments.

    At the 2023 School Safety Summit, we have a diverse group of leading experts in their fields who will be sharing their experiences, expertise, and insights on various aspects of school safety, including emergency management, sexual exploitation, identifying potential threats, and more. This summit will serve as a platform for meaningful dialogue, collaboration, and action toward building safer schools and communities.


  • Tuesday, June 20 - WCASD Staff only

    08:30 am – 12:00 pm: CPI (Optional – Custodial Staff)

    09:00 am  – 10:00 pm: CPTED (Optional – Running concurrently with CPI)

    12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: Lunch

    1:00 pm – 3:00 pm: CPI (Optional)

    Wednesday, June 21

    09:00 am  – 9:45 am: Registration & Welcome

    10:00 am – 12:00 pm: Hidden High & Hammered & the value of the School Resource Officer - Dr. Beth Sanborn, Lower Gwynedd Police Department - The role of a School Resource Officer is undeniable as an ally in and outside of the classroom. Dr. Sanborn will show how drugs and drug paraphernalia are hidden and concealed and explain how to identify a child who may be struggling or who may fall victim to a crisis.

    12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: Lunch

    1:00 pm – 3:00 pm: Sextortion & Human Trafficking - Victim Specialist Alexis Krieger FBI & Special Agent Rosemarie Vesci FBI - The FBI has seen a huge increase in the number of cases involving children and teens being threatened and coerced into sending explicit images online—a crime called sextortion.  Human trafficking is the illegal exploitation of a person. Anyone can be a victim of human trafficking, and it can occur in any U.S. community—cities, suburbs, and even rural areas.  

    Thursday, June 22

    08:30 am  – 10:00 am: Crisis Management  - Lt. James Dunleavy PASP (Ret) - In this presentation, we will discuss the importance of training staff to respond during a crisis.  Changing the way schools are currently training for a crisis.  How to force staff to make decisions during drills and exercises.  Discussing what actually occurs during a crisis and what that means for a training curriculum.  The importance of a comprehensive safety plan and how that becomes part of a successful preparedness piece. 

    10:15 am – 12:00 pm: Why Kids Kill & Warning Signs - Dr. Peter Langman    

    12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: Lunch  

    1:00 pm – 3:00 pm: Juvenile Justice and Student Safety in the Digital Age - Deputy District Attorney Renee Merion

    Friday, June 23 - WCASD Staff only

    8:00 am – 09:00 am: Stop-the-Bleed Certification

    9:15 am – 11:00 am: ALICE Scenario Training

    11:15 am – 12:00 pm: Closing Remarks


  • Dr. Beth Sandborn

    Dr. Beth SandbornDr. Beth Sanborn joined the Lower Gwynedd Police force in 1997, and currently serves as a Patrol Officer.  In 2015, she assumed responsibility for all juvenile cases, earning her the rank of Juvenile Detective while she served as a School Resource Officer (SRO) until August 2022. 

    Beth earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Widener University in 1996.  She later earned her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from St. Joseph’s University in 2014, and her Doctoral Degree in Public Administration from West Chester University in 2019.  Her Doctoral dissertation is entitled “School Resource Officers as Mentor/Counselors, Including Levels of Intervention”.  She actively volunteers with the Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth and Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center.

    Beth sits on the executive board for PASRO, the Pennsylvania Association of School Resource Officers, and is an instructor for NASRO, the National Association of School Resource Officers. She most recently was appointed to various committees at the International Center for Law Enforcement Studies.

    Most recently, Beth created an educational webinar for parents, teachers, social services providers to teach indicators of drug use and abuse as well as other poor lifestyle choices among teens.  The webinar stresses the importance of communication across the invested stakeholders in teen's lives so that we can identify a teen who may be in crisis and intervene before that crisis is reached.  The webinar, entitled "Hidden, High & Hammered" showcases stash devices meant to conceal (Hidden); Vapes, CBD, THC and drug paraphernalia (High); and alcohol infused items meant to attract a younger audience (Hammered).  The website is

    Along with her research team, their most recent research project, “Measuring the Strategic Fit of the School Resource Officers with Law Enforcement (Leaders), the Education System, the Community, and Other Interested Parties” has achieved National attention.

    Victim Specialist Alexis Krieger FBI

    Alexis KriegerAlexis Krieger graduated from Indiana University in May 1997 with a degree in Criminal Justice. Upon graduation, Alexis worked for the State of Ohio as a Child Abuse Investigator, specializing in serious physical and sexual abuse investigations.

    Alexis began her Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) career in 2004 as an Investigative Specialist and was assigned to the Philadelphia Division. One of Alexis’ highlights as an Investigative Specialist was participating in the “Fort Dix Six” investigation, which resulted in the arrest and successful prosecution of six individuals who plotted to attack US military personnel stationed at Fort Dix, NJ.

    In 2010, Alexis became a Victim Specialist and was assigned to the Newark Division of the FBI, providing victim assistance to victims of federal crimes.  Alexis served as a member of the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking as well as several sub-committees.  Alexis also assisted in creating various training protocols for human trafficking. In 2014, Alexis participated in joint, coordinated operations with the FBI, state and local law enforcement agencies targeting child sex trafficking leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII and Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco. In 2016, Alexis received an award from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for her work on the recovery of a 14-year-old sex trafficking victim in Atlantic City, NJ.  As of January 2016, Alexis transferred to the Philadelphia Division of the FBI as a Victim Specialist.  Alexis has received Exceptional Performance Awards for her role as a Victim Specialist in 2018 and 2021. Alexis served as an FBI Adjunct Faculty member from 2017-2021. In 2018, Alexis joined the FBI’s national Victim Services Response Team that deploys to mass casualty and active shooter incidents across the country.

    Victim Specialist Elise McConnell FBI

    Victim Specialist Elise McConnell FBI

    Elise McConnell currently services as a Victim Specialist (VS) with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ms. McConnell joined the FBI as a VS in 2022 and has over twelve years of experience in the victim services field. Ms. McConnell is committed to providing direct assistance to Federal crime victims in cases involving crimes against children, fraud, human trafficking, cyber-crimes and violent crimes to include bank robbery and kidnapping. Ms. McConnell is skilled in providing crisis intervention, triaging victim needs and assisting victims navigate the aftermath of crime. Additionally, Ms. McConnell enjoys working as part of team to include Special Agents, Child Abuse Forensic Interviewers and community partners.

    Prior to joining the FBI, Ms. McConnell was employed as a Victim Witness Advocate within the Homicide Unit at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in Boston, Massachusetts. Ms. McConnell is passionate about working with families who have lost loved ones to violence. Ms. McConnell has spent much of her career working within prosecutors’ offices at the State level; also, having spent several years working at a local rape crisis center in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia.

    When not providing victim services, Ms. McConnell enjoys traveling and spending time with her family to include her yellow lab, Casey.

    Special Agent Rosemarie Vesci FBI

    Rosemarie VelsciSSA Rose Vesci has been employed with the FBI for 19 years and is currently a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI’s Crimes Against Children and Human Trafficking Unit (CACHTU).  She has worked primarily on Crimes Against Children and Violent Crimes matters, such as bank robberies, kidnappings, child pornography, child sex trafficking, human trafficking, and other violations involving the sexual exploitation of children.  Her first assignment was in the Richmond Division.  She was then assigned to the Philadelphia Division where she served as the Crimes Against Children Coordinator and helped established the Child Exploitation Task Force.  Prior to the FBI, SSA Vesci worked as an Information Technology Specialist for both The Vanguard Group and Villanova University.  She is a graduate of Millersville University.



    Lt. James Dunleavy PASP (Ret)

    James DunleavyAfter a 25-year tenure with the Pennsylvania State Troopers, James “Jimmy” Dunleavy joined the Drift Net team as our Critical Incident Expert. His valuable insights regarding emergency response are credited to an extensive career in law enforcement, starting as a patrol trooper and retiring as a Lieutenant and Division Director, where he saw the entire spectrum of safety within school communities. While his career is admirable, it certainly took patience, many round-the-clock nights, and no shortage of hard work.

    Starting a career with the State Troopers is no small feat either, acceptance requires taking a formidable exam just to be considered. “I think when I took the test, 22,000 people took it, 11,000 passed and they took get in was pretty tough,” Jimmy recalls. For a decade he was a trooper in the Bureau of Patrol, where he was involved with countless traffic and criminal investigations. As he grew in law enforcement he found it helpful to source the most effective and well-respected supervisors and emulate how they conduct themselves. When it came time for promotional interviews, Jimmy already internalized the qualities his superiors sought, making him a prime candidate for taking on larger responsibilities. The State Police Commissioner recognized his ambition and acumen and he was chosen to be the Director of the Bureau of Patrol.

    Jimmy would retire from the Pennsylvania State Troopers, but his focus on justice and safety would continue. He would join the Scranton, Pennsylvania-based law firm Scartelli Olszewski as a litigation consultant, using his experience with vehicle investigations and the litigation process to provide the firm with valuable insight. Although being a litigation consultant is an engaging job for a man of his experience, Jimmy missed the direct contact he had with communities as a state trooper. He agreed to take a position at Drift Net Securities in 2021 as a Critical Incident Expert. While he utilizes his experience as a patrol trooper at his current position as a litigation consultant, he attributes his time spent as a director and administrator as being what gives him an edge at Drift Net; Jimmy was an administrator during decades of technological advancement - from typewriters to computers to tablets, he’s seen the administrative process in every form. Fortunately for us, adapting emergency preparedness into its most competent technological form is what we strive to do at Drift Net.

    Even though he still stays busy with two professional positions, leaving law enforcement has provided him with much more time to spend with his wife and four kids - the eldest, attending Penn State as a sophomore. He is still very involved in the discussion about a more unified approach toward safety and security regulations for school districts.

    Dr. Peter Langman

    Dr. Peter LangmanDr. Peter Langman has made it his life’s work to research and understand hostile behaviors in children and adolescents, more specifically, the pathology behind why these young people commit mass violence at schools. His research has resulted in his writing 3 books on the matter, the most recent being Warning Signs: Identifying School Shooters Before They Strike (2021). Dr. Langman has been interviewed countless times by global news networks, travels the country performing trainings for school districts, and has presented research to both the FBI and US Secret Service. It really is no stretch to say that there is no person more equipped to speak on the matter of “school shooters” than Dr. Langman.

    In 1999, Dr. Langman was working towards his Ph.D. at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, interning as a counselor at a psychiatric hospital when the tragic events at Columbine High School sent ripples across the country. Ten days after the incident, on April 30, a 16-year-old boy was admitted to the hospital because he was exhibiting disturbing behaviors, such as writing threatening posts online and being found in possession of a “hit-list.” Dr. Langman found the warning signs and motivations of the subject to be highly compelling and their proximity in time to Columbine to be profound. After his internship at the hospital, Dr.

    Langman would be hired and spend the next 12 years being exposed to potential perpetrators of mass violence and trying to understand their complex framework.

    While Dr. Langman supported his family by opening a clinical psychology practice, he found his research into the minds of potential mass school-violence perpetrators to be more than just a project, it was a moral imperative - one that took precedence over a salary. Dr. Langman did over a decade of research at his own expense. There was nothing to gain through this endeavor, other than the affirmation that he was one of the few who heard the call to act, back before it became a global conversation. The research that Dr. Langman accrued during this time would be matriculated through the psychological community, to the highest authorities of national security, eventually being cited in congressional testimony on Capitol Hill.

    Dr. Langman takes a notoriously hard-line approach to present his research, being careful to avoid any assumptions or generalizations about perpetrators of mass violence, as well as remaining steadfast to what can be proven by research. “I don’t think it’s counterproductive to talk about the commonalities or patterns, [but] I think we have to be careful about it lapsing into a profile,” Dr. Langman says. “...Saying they’re psychopathic, psychotic or whatever is a ‘trend’ finding patterns in motives...these are patterns that we can talk about but we have to be careful to emphasize that it’s not a profile.” Dr. Langman’s professional integrity affords his research a certain impartiality that elevates it to a standard that agencies, such as the FBI, can utilize. In fact, Dr. Langman has spoken on preventing mass violence in schools at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and has also been hired by the U.S. Secret Service to participate in a number of trainings and an in-depth study on threat assessment.

    Deputy District Attorney Renee Merion

    Reene MarionRenée D. Merion is a Deputy District Attorney and supervisor of the Juvenile Unit of the Chester County District Attorney’s Office in Pennsylvania.  She graduated from Sweet Briar College with a B.A. in Economics and an emphasis in Environmental Studies.  She received her J.D. from Widener University School of Law and joined the Chester County District Attorney’s Office in 1994.  She has been assigned to the appeals unit, miscellaneous court, juvenile court, and criminal court until her promotion to Deputy District Attorney of the Juvenile Unit.  She has specialized in juvenile delinquency court for over 20 years.

    Renée is the Chair of the PA District Attorney’s Association Juvenile Prosecutor’s Network.  She currently serves on the State Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision by an appointment of the Governor. Renée is the Vice Chair of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Juvenile Court Procedural Rules Committee, which advises the Supreme Court on matters relating to the procedural rules governing actions for juvenile delinquency and dependency courts. Renée routinely presents trainings to students, parent groups, prosecutors, police, and crime victim advocates on the topics of juvenile justice, juvenile court procedure, good decision-making skills, and internet safety.