High School Credit Recovery

  • The WCASD has partnered with Accelerate Education to offer a robust, online credit recovery program.  All courses will be taught by Accelerate Education teachers, who are fully certified in their content area through the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). Throughout the self-paced courses, students will have access to their teachers via live office hours, email, and telephone. Parents and Guardians will receive weekly updates showing their student’s progress in the course. 

    To be eligible for a summer credit recovery course, the student must have failed a core class with at least a 60% course average. Enrollment in summer school credit recovery courses will be facilitated through the student’s counselor at the end of the school year. If you have any questions about credit recovery, please contact your child’s counselor.

High School Credit Recovery Courses

  • Courses for the 2023-24 summer include:


    • English 9 (1.0 Credit)
    • English 10 (1.0 Credit)
    • English 11 (1.0 Credit)


    • Algebra 1 (1.0 Credit)
    • Algebra 1A (1.0 Credit)
    • Algebra 1B (1.0 Credit)
    • Geometry (1.0 Credit)
    • Algebra 2 (1.0 Credit)
    • Pre-Calculus (1.0 Credit)


    • Biology 1 (1.0 Credit)
    • Chemistry 1 (1.0 Credit)
    • Physics 1 (1.0 Credit) 

    Social Studies 

    • African Asian Cultures** (1.0 Credit)
    • European & Latin American Studies** (1.0 Credit)
    • US History (1.0 Credit)

    **9th & 10th grade Social Studies courses are NOT offered through Accelerate Education. They are in-person offerings. 

Additional Information and Support

  • All courses are offered at the CCP level. Credit recovery courses do not meet the NCAA Clearinghouse requirements. 

    Students who are behind in their credits needed to graduate may also be recommended by their counselor to take one or more courses the summer before their senior year in order to get back on track to graduate on time. These course offerings include American Government & Economics (1.0 Credit) and English 12 (1.0 Credit).

    Please contact your student’s counselor for more information. 

    For direct support and resources from Accelerate Education, visit their student and family support website: https://learningcoach.accelerate.education/

Summer Fee Waiver

  • For a summer fee waiver please see and complete our WCASD Activity Fee Form. Once completed, please submit this form to activityfee with @wcasd.net or mail to: 

    Dr. Kalia Reynolds
    Assistant Superintendent
    782 Springdale Drive
    Exton, PA 19341