Request for High School Elective Course GPA Inclusion

  • Elective courses that are weighted at the Career & College Prep level will be neutrally weighted. However, students may choose to include Career & College Prep level weighting for these specific elective courses in the calculation of their grade point average (GPA). Neutrally weighted elective courses can be found in the following subject areas:

    • Career & College Prep level Art and Music courses
    • Career & College Prep level Family & Consumer Science, Video Production, and Tech Ed. courses
    • Career & College Prep level Business and Marketing courses academic level English, Science, and Social Studies elective courses
    • Career & College Prep level 1 and 2 World Language courses

    Notes to emphasize during course selection on "Request for Elective GPA Inclusion"

    • All grades in courses (Neutrally Weighted or GPA Included) will be used to determine eligibility for honor roll, athletics and club participation.
    • The term "Neutrally Weighted" will appear beneath the course title of all eligible courses.
    • Credits and grades earned in neutrally weighted courses will appear on transcripts and be counted towards fulfilling any WCASD High School arts and humanities and/or elective graduation requirements.

    Academic Quality Points Per Grade:

    Grade Quality Points
    A+ = 97-100 4.3
    A =93-96 4.0
    A- =90-92 3.7
    B+ =87-89 3.3
    B =83-86 3.0
    B- =80-82 2.7
    C+ =77-79 2.3
    C =73-76 2.0
    C- =70-72 1.7