Dual Enrollment

  • The West Chester Area School District Dual Enrollment program offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to concurrently enroll in a college-level course that would be considered a high school elective credit. Students participating in dual enrollment coursework would receive High school advanced placement credit, as well as college credit.

    West Chester high schools will offer 2 courses in Geosciences that will be held at students' home school during the regular school day. These dual enrollment courses will be taught on-site by WCASD teaching staff in cooperation with West Chester University. Students successfully completing this full-year college-level course will receive six college credits from West Chester University and 2 credits from WCASD.

    Full-School Year

    Advanced Geoscience: Astronomy and Geology

    Advanced Geoscience: Oceanography and Meteorology

    The partnering dual enrollment college establishes admittance and other criteria for participation. Students will be responsible for tuition, fees, and course materials. Administrative approval will ensure that dual enrollment courses are commensurate with the rigor of advanced placement requirements and do not significantly overlap with the content of a WCASD course. More information and dual enrollment pre-approval forms are available from the school counseling department.

    West Chester University Dual Enrollment Partnership

    For the school year, the West Chester Area School District and West Chester University have partnered again to offer a menu of pre-approved dual enrollment courses for juniors and seniors. For student convenience, these classes will be located at the West Chester University Graduate Center and be scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1:05 pm -1:55 pm. Students will be scheduled to depart from their high school at the conclusion of the 6th period and travel by way of their own transportation to the Graduate Center located off of Greenhill Road. Tuition will be determined in the spring. Students successfully completing a semester college-level course will receive three college credits from West Chester University and 1 credit from WCASD. West Chester University Dual Enrollment Courses offered:

    Summer Semester (2022)

    Studio Production
    Scoring for Film and Television
    (this course will be offered every other year, beginning Summer 2022)

    Scoring for Film and Television
    (this course will be offered next in Summer 2023)

    Fall Semester (2022)

    Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    The Legal Environment of Business

    Spring Semester (2023)

    Elementary Japanese II
    Introduction to Ethics
    Nutrition and Culture 

How to Register for Courses Taught at the WCU Graduate Center

How to Register for Courses Taught at all WCASD High Schools

  • Dual Enrollment Approval Protocol

    Six weeks prior to the registration deadline for the desired course, the student must:

    1. Initiate a consultation with his/her guidance counselor. The student must bring the course description from the institution’s course catalogue with him/her to the consultation. The counselor will review the request against the student’s course of study and his/her progress toward completion of graduation requirements and determine whether or not the course is already offered by the district. The counselor will then forward the request for dual enrollment to the student’s grade level administrator and the course content area supervisor.

    2. The team then analyzes the request by examining the following criteria: the quality and educational relevance of the college course requested, educational appropriateness to the student’s course of study, and compatibility with the student’s progress toward graduation and ensure the course is not already offered by the district.

    3. If the request meets the benchmarks of the above criteria, the student will provide documentation to the team to verify the accreditation of the college or university where the desired course is offered. The documentation will include but is not limited to a syllabus, course requirements, text, and other resources related to the course.

    4. Based on the above steps and documentation, the team will approve or disapprove the student’s request for the desired course before the registration deadline for the course.

    5. If the request is approved, the following individuals will sign a Dual Enrollment Form—see attached.

    6. The decision of the team is final. There is no appeal.

    In addition:

    • A 3-credit college course translates into a 1-credit high school course.
    • The district will not provide transportation.
    • The district will not fund any costs associated with the approved course such as but not limited to tuition, fees, books and materials.
    • The student is fully responsible for his/her academic success in the course and understands the district will not provide progress reports.
    • There is no guarantee the college credits will transfer to the student’s college of choice
    • All online tests must be taken at the home school and arranged through students’ guidance counselor.

    Click here to download the Dual Enrollment Approval Form