Blended Learning FAQ's

  • What is blended learning?
    Blended learning is a dynamic learning format that allows students to experience courses where they learn part of the time at school and part of the time through online delivery of content and instruction.

    How are blended learning classes scheduled?
    Blended classes will meet with their teachers face-to-face in a traditional setting and will also engage in online learning activities. The course are offered in a variety of formats; 4 days in-class/1day online, 3 days in-class/2 days online, 2 double periods in-class/1 day online, and 2 days in-class/3 days online.

    Where will I be scheduled when my blended class is not meeting?
    Students may be scheduled in a variety of ways during this time depending on the period and the blended format. For example, students may be able to offset 4 non-lab days with a blended course. Students could also have lunch, a study hall, or even time to schedule another class or options course.

    When do I complete my online learning?
    The online learning for blended courses is flexible. The teachers of blended learning courses will create various online learning activities that can be completed at any time within the parameters they establish. The time and place for learning online will also depend upon how students choose to structure their engagement outside of the classroom.

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