Specialized Programs for grades 6th-8th

  • English Language Learner Program

    The English Language Learner Program provides course work for English Language Learners (ELLs). The program offers a continuum of courses that help ELLs become both competent in English and academically proficient in core content areas. Placement along the continuum is based on standardized assessments, local assessments, classroom content work, teacher input, parental input, and other factors. The goal of the program is for ELLs to become proficient in English, with emphasis on the academic, social, and cultural settings.

    Gifted Program

    The WCASD Middle School Gifted Education Enrichment Program supports individualized instructional programs tailored to fit the needs of each identified gifted student. Students can select from a range of courses and topics based on their interests. The variety of course offerings range from Model UN to Language Forensics and Science investigations. In addition to the course offerings, the Middle School Gifted Program also engages students in seminars, field trips, regional competitions, independent study, and guest speaker events.

    Special Education

    Special education services are provided at the middle school for those students who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Services include a variety of supports as determined appropriate for each individual child by the IEP team.