• Good afternoon EGE,

    Another beautiful week here at EGE with the children coming back to school.  It has been great to have them back and we look forward to group B on Thursday and Friday!

    I wanted to follow up on the email and form Dr. Scanlon sent.  You only need to fill in the form if you want your child to stay remote until March 31st.  Once we get all the survey information back from Dr. Scanlon’s email and form we will look to see if we have additional space in all our rooms with some children/parents committing to remote.  The survey closes Friday and we hope to have an analysis done by next Wednesday and begin to invite more children in four days a week.

    Next week schedule

    January 18th is MLK Holiday - NO SCHOOL for students or teachers

    Jan. 19 and 20 are A days

    Jan. 21 and 22 are B days

    Week of January 25th back to normal hybrid schedule


    School pictures back on the calendar for March 16th and 18th.  More information to follow and we will also include all remote and cyber children that want to come in for a picture.

    I have attached a revise school lunch menu.  There are some changes and you can also view on website at


    Thank for all your support!  Stay strong and positive!

    Make it a great week!

    Mr. Brown