• Good afternoon EGE

    Happy New Year!  2021 is here and will be the best year ever!  We hope you had a great holiday break and had a relaxing time with family!  The Browns went on several long hikes and enjoyed the time together as a family.  My new grandson in now sitting up and laughing, which brings so much joy to all of us.  Nothing like a good baby belly laugh to brighten your day!

    As you know we are remote this week and will start again in our Hybrid model on Monday, January 11th.  Attached you will find the district calendar for hybrid days for the month of January.  Please make sure you look at the week of January 18th.  There is no remote learning day due to holiday on Monday, January 18th.  Please let the teacher and the office know if you are keeping your child remote beyond this Friday so that we can be prepared.

    Hybrid model begins again on Monday, January 11th


    Jan. 11 and 12 are A days

    Jan. 13 is a remote day

    Jan. 14 and 15 are B days

    January 18th is MLK Holiday - NO SCHOOL for students or teachers

    Jan. 19 and 20 are A days

    Jan. 21 and 22 are B days


    GOOD NEWS!!!!

    You may remember last January 2020 that I told you one of our bus drivers (bus 40) Jim Lucas was diagnosed with brain cancer (tumor) and had to quit driving and begin treatment.  Yesterday I was so excited to visit with him at his home.  He is doing incredible after many procedures, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and stem cell cleaning.  He is up moving around and is even driving his truck, which he says he could not wait to do again.  He is such a positive person and he says that being positive and never giving up is what allowed him to recover.  Last January I visited him in the hospital and gave him an Eagles blanket from all of EGE and his wife told me he has had it on every day since and even takes it to all his appointments.  He says the EGE positive spirit is alive and helping him each day!   The doctors say that in six months he should be cancer free!!!!!  Please keep him in your thoughts as he enters what he hopes is his last six months before being cancer free!

    I have also attached a flyer about a workshop coming up next week called “Parenting through a Pandemic”

    Make it a great week!

    Mr. Brown


    EG Remote Schedule 2021

    Beyond 2020 Flyer