Transportation FAQs

  • Are you providing transportation?

    Yes, transportation will be provided via normal bus routes.

    What safety protocols have been implemented to keep students safe while on the bus?

    The District Transportation Department worked with both Krapf's and On the Go Kids to implement safety procedures in accordance with the Chester County Health Department Guidelines.

    • All buses will operate with a maximum of two (2) students to a seat. 
    • Drivers and students will be required to wear a face covering while on the bus at all times
    • Face masks will be available with the driver for any student who forgets their mask
    • Students will be assigned seats on the bus
    • Family members riding the same bus will be seated together
    • Students will load the bus from back to front to avoid passing in the aisles
    • Students will get off the bus from front to back to avoid passing in the aisles
    • Bus windows will be open to allow fresh air to circulate (weather permitting)
    • Commonly touched surfaces within the entryway of the driver and passenger areas will be cleaned after each run

    Will transportation be provided to/from a Childcare provider?

    Yes, as in the past, the District will provide childcare busing in accordance with our daycare policy.

    • Pick-up/drop-off points must be within the assigned busing area of the public school the student attends or close to the existing busing route of the nonpublic school the child attends.
    • Students are permitted only one pick up location in the morning, whether at home or daycare, and one drop off location in the afternoon, whether home or daycare. 
    • Students attending ACP within their school either in the morning or afternoon will not be assigned district busing.

    How do I arrange transportation to/from a childcare provider?

    Requests for child care busing must be submitted by completing the Bus Stop Request for Child Care form. Copies of the form are also available in every school office. The parent must return the completed form to the school the child is attending. The school office retains the original form and forwards a copy to the Transportation Department office.

    Can my child ride a different bus to a friend's house?

    No, students may only ride on their assigned bus from their assigned bus stops. Bus passes to ride to or from school on a different bus will not be allowed as a safety procedure.

    Where should questions related to transportation be directed?

    Many questions can be answered by visiting the District's transportation website or contact the District transportation office Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by phone at 484-266-1040 or email