• Good afternoon EGE,

    If you are like me, the note from Dr. Scanlon this weekend was exciting that our children would be coming back to EGE!  We are spending most waking hours working on plans and working with teachers and our staff.  It will be great to see our little Roadrunners back at EGE.

    I know you still have many questions, but I wanted to assure you that we are working hard to make it all work by the timeframe that Dr. Scanlon put out over the weekend with a start date of October 19thfor our first hybrid day.  Patience, flexibility, and being positive are my three key words for this week!!

    Right now, we are looking at the “A” group to be children with last names from A-K and our “B” group to have last names from L-Z.  We are looking over all the classes and doing our best to have an even split if possible.  I know several families have formed learning pods and at this point, I am now sure if we can keep the pods together if not in the same A or B group.  That will depend on how many children stay remote when we return to hybrid.  We will have a better idea once the Board approves a plan on September 29th and then I will communicate out again.  As always, we will do our best to help our EGE children and families. 

    Check out our EGE Rodney Rundown https://www.smore.com/9phzy/edit?ref=show_author

    EGE HSA is up and running.  Please check out the new website and toolkit!


    Make it a great first week of fall!

    Mr. Brown