What Incoming 6th Graders Usually Experience

  • They worry about...

    • Making friends
    • Getting good grades
    • Being competent at and participating in extracurricular activities

    They fear...

    • Getting lost and dealing with their lockers
    • Dealing with a difficult workload
    • Getting picked on by older students
    • Fitting in
    • The degree of academic difficulty
    • The increased demands from teachers and receiving help from those teachers

    They general find out that...

    • They find their way around the building within a few days and rarely get lost
    • They have greater opportunities to participate and explore than in elementary school
    • They make new friends easily
    • They work is harder than elementary school
    • Over time, they find themselves as successful as they were in elementary school
    • Teachers are more strict but are also supportive and offer help
    • There is more homework, but teachers on teams communicate to ease the burden on students each night
    • There are different consequences for misbehavior but there are support structures in place to help resolve conflicts and get help (guidance counselors, etc.)
    • Older students are more concerned with their own education and activities to be of concern to 6th graders. They are also housed in another wing of Stetson and have a different schedule.
    • All students find out that Stetson is a great place to be!

    Research shows that...

    • Students who were successful in elementary school are equally successful in middle school
    • Students who have a record of academic success are a bit anxious at the start of middle school and rebound quickly from negative transition effects