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Elementary School Program

  • Our Curriculum

    The elementary cyber curriculum is designed to build foundational knowledge and skills in the areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  In addition to core subjects, students participate in Art, Health & Physical Education, Library, Music, and the Second Step curriculum for social-emotional learning.

    The teacher presents the elementary grade level content on a daily basis with support provided by the parent or guardian at home. The level of at-home support will vary based on age and skill level of the student but is necessary to help the child succeed in the cyber environment. At the start of the year, the teacher reviews the grade level schedule, establishes the routines, and reviews expectations for working in the online environment. The school day is a blend of live and recorded instruction along with time for independent practice and teacher check-in. Over the course of the week, the student will have opportunities to work in small groups with peers and conference with teachers. The teacher will provide students and their families a suggested pacing guide to ensure that all students stay on track to meet expectations of the grade.

    The level of support needed will vary by the age and specific needs of your child. When you enroll your child in the WC Cyber Program, you will be asked to sign a parent agreement form. In doing so, you are agreeing to serve as your child's Learning Coach (LC). The LC is the adult in the home who will support and assist the student at home to complete their daily coursework. The amount of assistance that the LC will need to provide depends on the student's grade level and the student's ability to complete work independently. 

    Our Teachers

    The faculty of the WC Cyber Program are all full-time WCASD educators who have demonstrated the ability to effectively integrate technology into their instruction and who participated in training to learn how to teach and assess children in a cyber learning environment.  The teachers are experts in their field and use research-based instructional approaches to ensure that all students can achieve their personal best. English language learners and students with 504 plans, IEPs, and GIEPs will receive additional support and instruction from other professionals to support their learning. All students will receive full access to support services as needed including a school counselor and academic supports. 

    Sample Student Day

    Sample Schedules for grades K&1  decorative bouncing balls  Sample Student Day for grades 2&3  decorative bouncing balls  Grades 4 and 5 sample schedules

    Extracurricular Activities 

    Elementary cyber students who wish to participate in performing music ensembles (4th and 5th-grade band, 4th and 5th-grade chorus, and 3rd-5th grade orchestra) and other activities may do so at the school in their attendance area. Participation in some activities requires payment of the WCASD Activity Fee. Please check with your child’s home school since each one develops its own schedule.

    Elementary Math Zoom Lesson  Elementary Science Experiment  Elementary Band Lesson  Elementary Time Lesson