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Middle School Program

  • Our Curriculum

    The middle school cyber curriculum is designed for students to develop greater knowledge of the areas they began to study in elementary school, including English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  In addition to core subjects, students will also have a full year of Health & Physical Education.  Students can also begin their study of a world language.  Middle school is the time when students start to develop deep interests that can become a career or a life-long passion.  To support this exploration, students will take courses in computer science, culinary arts, business education, music, and the visual arts throughout their middle school years.  To see the full course listings for students in each grade, please view the Middle School Course Description Guide.  

    In all of our middle school courses, content will be released to students in modules. Each module should take the student about two weeks to complete, and the teachers will provide a recommended pacing guide to ensure that all students stay on track to meet the expectations of the course.  Students will naturally progress more quickly in some classes than in others, depending on their own interests and comfort level with the materials.  

    Our Teachers

    The faculty of the WC Cyber Program are all full-time WCASD educators who have participated in intensive training to learn how to teach and assess adolescents in a cyber learning environment.  The teachers are experts in their field and use research-based instructional approaches to ensure that all students can achieve their personal best. 

    At the middle school level, our students are part of a team, meaning that they all have the same teachers.  Here is one of our 6th Grade team of Cyber Teachers. 

    6th Grade English Language Arts
    Amberlee Haggerty

    Amberlee Hagerty

    6th Grade Mathematics
    Jeff Ferguson

    Jeff Ferguson


    6th Grade Science
    Karen O'Neill

    Karen O'Neill


    6th Grade Social Studies
    Kolby Gonzalez

    Kolby Gonzalez


    Sample Student Day

    The WC Cyber program is designed to use a flexible schedule that meets the needs of our students.  While most activities are asynchronous, allowing the students to move along at their own pace, there are times that the students will need to be “live” with our teachers and their classmates.  To give a better sense of what a typical day could look like for a middle school cyber student, please refer to this sample schedule for a typical day. 

    You will need the following generic login to view Sample Teacher Materials and Cyber Modules in Schoology: Username: wccyber Password: Wcasd2020 School: West Chester Area School District

    Please click here to view a WC Cyber Program sample middle school schedule. 

    Extracurricular Activities

    Students enrolled in the WC Cyber Program are encouraged to be active members of the school community.  Students can choose to participate in a wide variety of clubs and sports. For more information, please contact the Athletic Director at your school.  

    J.R. Fugett

    Home of the Cougars

       Fugett Middle School

    Principal: Mr. Llewellyn Small
    500 Ellis Lane
    West Chester, PA 19380
    Phone: 484-266-2900

    Athletic Director: Mr. Tom Swift
    Ext. 6323


    E.N. Peirce

    Home of the Chargers

       E.N. Peirce

    Principal: Mr. Joseph DiAntonio
    1314 Burke Road
    West Chester, PA 19380
    Phone: 484-266-2500

    Athletic Director: Mr. Sam Virgilio
    Ext. 2525


    G.A. Stetson

    Home of the Falcons

       G.A. Stetson

    Acting Principal: Ms. Mary Kay Puchalla
    1060 Wilmington Pike
    West Chester, PA 19382
    Phone: 484-266-2700

    Athletic Director: Mr. Willi Corcoran
    Ext. 5859