English Language Arts

  • The West Chester Area School District has made some curriculum improvements, however, there is a need to continue to examine our curriculum, and look for ways to incorporate more diversity and culturally responsive materials and programs. Here are some changes we have recently made:


    A new reading and writing program was approved for purchase in 2018, after a committee of educators, parents, community members, and a School Board member chose the materials. The committee liked the fact that the program incorporated culturally responsive materials, and wrote this about some of the materials chosen:

    • Reflection of Diversity: Reflects the diversity of the intended audience. Includes multilingual handouts and educational reinforcements when appropriate.
    • Respect for Diversity: Ideas and principles included in the materials respect all aspects of diversity.
    • Multiple Viewpoints: The materials present a balanced view of the topic, recognizing any aspects that are not yet clearly understood or open to debate.
    • Reading Level: All terminology is clear, correctly used, and spelled throughout content. The materials are written at grade level which is appropriate for the intended audience.
    • Schoolwide Books that Reflect Diversity
    • 4th & 5th Grade Text Sets


    6th Grade Reading: The 6th grade reading curriculum is currently under review to improve access for all students.  Currently, struggling readers do not receive World Geography; instead, they receive an additional reading class. The primary goal is to ensure that all students will be enrolled in World Geography to learn about various part of the world and their cultures. Struggling readers would receive embedded support from reading specialists, combining both content and reading strategies.


    African American Literature (Elective): Expanded to a semester-long course to run at all three high schools (instead of just Rustin, where it was offered.) A committee of seven teachers and the District’s Equity Supervisor worked collaboratively to create the course. The curriculum was created to be “agile” in form so that each teacher could respond to the needs of their students.