• WCASD School Board of Directors' Letter:

    WCASD Board of School Directors Statement Regarding Racial Equity Español

    In January of 2020, The Delaware Valley for Consortium of Equity Excellence completed a thorough analysis of the current status of educational equity in the West Chester Area School District. Read an executive summary of the report. Read the full report.

    WCASD Equity Mission: 

    Eradicate institutional racism and inequities through social justice, promoting the emotional development of staff and students, and embracing diverse perspectives.

    WCASD Equity History:

    In the 2007-08 school year, the West Chester Area School District began its partnership with Pacific Education Group (PEG) to train administration, school board members, and teacher leaders in Beyond Diversity. View the WCASD Equity History Timeline, "Building Capacity to Increasing Access to District Programming."

    WCASD Equity Goals:

    • Teach an inclusive curriculum that teaches anti-racism, celebrates differences, promotes understanding, and seeks multiple perspectives.
    • Promote a positive school climate in which students feel safe, respected, and appreciated.
    • Provide on-going professional development to all staff in all aspects of equity. 
    • Engage staff, students, parents, and community members in our work. 
    • Provide equitable access to district programming.

    WCASD Equity Team:

    • Equity Advocates and E-Team members are bring trained by The Howard Group to expand our Equity work across all areas.
    • District Equity Leadership Team (DELT) – Compromised of Equity Advocates, Affiliates, District Administrators, Support Staff, Teachers, and Counselors.
    • Building E-Teams (BELT) – Each our 17 school has its own Equity Team.
    • Student Equity Teams (SET)  – Our High and Middle Schools have Student Equity Teams. Elementary Schools have existing/developing Student Equity Teams.