The WC E-Poetry Contest 2020

    Ancient Civilizations Day

    Community Outreach- baby hats and cards

    Franklin Institute Traveling Science Show

    Robotic STEAM kits

    Third Grade STEAM Club

    Drum Lessons for Autistic Support Students

    Young Writers' Day

    Skip, Hop,Jump, and Push our Way Down the Sensory Path!

    Early Civilizations Come to Mary C.’s Third Grade

    The Memory Project

    Device for visually impaired MDS student

    Generational Friends

    Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports (PBIS)

    Starkweather Elementary School Community Based Instruction

    Artist in residency at WTE

    PBIS Assembly

    Cougar Community Connections

    #PeircePride Charger Allies

    Career Development for Students of All Abilities

    Day with Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians

    ESU Leadership Voices

    Native American Presentation/Assembly

    Small Instrumental Ensemble Experiences

    Student Equity Empowerment and Leadership Assembly/Workshop

    East High School Store Enhancements

    Business Education Heat Press Printing Business

    ExcELL Academy Student Enrichment Opportunites

    Henderson Student Leaders Retreat

    Physics - Study of Motion, Forces, Momentum and Energy

    Stage Crew Materials

    The Art of Turkish Marbling

    Career Exploration and Skill Building 

    Guest Speaker Opportunities for African American Literature

    Marble Painting Parabolas