Immunization and Exam Requirements

  •    • Physical examinations are required for all students entering grade 6th grade.
       • Dental exams and proof of the immunizations Menactra (meningitis) and Tdap are also required by the state at the start of the 7th grade school year.

    (Tdap and menactra are usually given at the 6th grade physical. The dental exam and physical may date back to September of the previous school year).

    To view all mandated health immunizations, physicals or dentals already on file with WCASD please Log into Parent Portal. Click immunizations on the left side. Look for TdaP & Meniningitis Vaccine dates (box 1), Physical exam date (box 2) and Dental exam date (box 3). If dates are in these boxes, that requirement/s have been met for Middle School.