Secondary Teachers Instructional FAQs

  • Do all teachers have to teach using Zoom or some kind of video? 

    Secondary teachers should be using video to teach lessons. However, because of privacy concerns, teachers may not record any video sessions where students are seen or heard.  If teachers are recording a live session, they must mute and block student video and sound.  Teachers can choose to deliver content using any method: Zoom, Screencast videos, Khan Academy Resources, Ed Puzzle, etc. We encourage teachers to use recorded video so that students can access it at any time (some students may be caring for younger siblings while parents work and may not have a lot of availability during traditional school hours.)

    Which days will be designated even and odd days?  

    A specific Even-Odd Period Day Calendar is now available. Please note that the “even-odd” feature of the calendar refers to the periods (2,4,6,8) and (1,3,5,7). We will post the designated days on each school’s website.

    What happens to testing days? 

    With the alternating block schedule now in place, we can operate without a testing day cycle.

    How should teachers take attendance?

    Teachers are required to take attendance for the days that their classes are scheduled by Fridays at 9 am into PowerSchool. Teachers should rely on:

    • Schoology logins
    • Participation in discussion boards,
    • Schoology assurances,
    • Overall evidence of participation and work completion.

    With the understanding that work completion and “attendance” are not one and the same, teachers can utilize Schoology Analytics to help determine which students attended each week. Administration will run reports from PowerSchool that will indicate students who are not in attendance and this will be entered for the daily attendance. 

    How should part-time teachers manage their time?

    Part-time teachers should plan and teach according to the schedule provided. If they would like to review their schedule, they should do so with their principal.

    How much time should teachers dedicate to office hours?

    We are asking teachers to post office hours on Schoology for at least 30 minutes on instructional days. Portions of block periods and duty periods are times to schedule office hours.

    If teachers choose synchronous (live) methods, how much time per block should be dedicated to instruction? 

    We recommend for teachers not to fill the block period with live instruction. This time, just as in a face-to-face setting, may vary depending upon the essential learning targets. The time for interactive activities may also vary. It is recommended that teachers dedicate 20 to 30 minutes per lesson per day for direct instructional time. The remainder of that block of time could be spent assessing student work, office hours, researching resources, etc.

    How do we coordinate UA/Blended classes that do not meet every day of the cycle?  

    Certain UA/Blended subjects may not be able to meet synchronously with students. It is recommended for UA/Blended teachers to post learning materials and activities at the start of a four-day instructional period for completion at the end of the 4th day. It is an expectation for students to check in with a UA/Blend course on the day it would be scheduled if it were in conflict with another class. 

    What about the Keystone Exams (KE) and PSSAs?

    PDE has canceled the Keystones and PSSA exams for this year. We do not yet have specifics about how this cancelation will affect future graduation requirements for students in The Class of 2022 and beyond but we will keep those families posted. It could be that students currently in a Keystone course would take the exams next winter.

    How can I contact a parent if I am concerned about sharing my phone number?

    For times that you may need to call parents, you may use *67 preceding the phone number. For example, to call Bob Sokolowski, dial *67-610-304-6603. It also may be possible to Zoom with a parent if need be.

    What should a teacher do if he or she is sick on an instructional day?

    If you have any professional development days, sick, and/or personal days that you are no longer going to take because you are working online, or if trips were canceled, etc. you need to remove them from AESOP, otherwise you will have time deducted from your leave banks.  If you still plan to not “work” that day from home, you should keep your paid leave day or unpaid leave day in AESOP.

    What is the current status of AP tests?

    The College Board is continually assessing how to deliver AP tests this year and has sent several communications. At each of the high schools, the AP Coordinator has relayed these updates, but the situation is fluid. Click here for the most up to date information.