Our Mission

  • Helping students form future career plans by linking the knowledge & skills learned in the classroom with those required for success in the workplace.

Career Education Program Components


    Contribute your time and expertise as a guest
    speaker. Share your personal journey and provide
    a realistic picture of potential careers, jobs, skills,
    and post-secondary education & training.


    Host an excursion to your workplace, providing students
    with first-hand observation of the structure and
    operations of your business, organization, or institution.
    Showcases run from one to three hours or more.


    Provide students greater exposure to careers and related
    professional and technical skills within your organization.
    Help students define their career goals and make
    connections between classroom learning and career success.
    The average time commitment is three to six hours.


    Serve as a career mentor and provide encouragement
    and guidance in a student's field of interest. The
    mentorship is a very personalized experience with
    varying levels of time commitment.


    Highly structured, unpaid internships for WCASD students
    help them gain a deeper understanding and practice of
    professional skills. Students may be assigned specific
    projects or tasks to contribute to a business's bottom line.
    Structure of internships will vary.