2020-21 HS Course Selection - CAREER COUNSELING

  • Future Readiness 1 (9, 10) .1 credit/semester

    Meets 1 day a cycle
    This course will help students make a successful transition from middle school to high school while developing skills for overall success in high school, and beyond. Students will explore social/emotional development, academic practices, and career readiness, while improving students’ study and decision making skills in the process.

    Future Readiness 2 (11, 12) .1 credit/semester

    Meets 1 Day a cycle
    This course will help students develop both technical and soft skills needed for career readiness through personal learning and workplace experience connections. Students will explore post-secondary options aligned with their interests, achievements, and abilities. Students will be provided with a solid foundation in career education, 21st century skills development, and sustainable employment opportunities.