• Keystone Exam FAQs

    How does the Keystone Composite Score pathway work?

    If a student achieves proficiency on at least one exam and no less than a basic score on the remaining two, a composite score of 4452 will meet the requirement.

    How does the Keystone Alternative Pathway Assessment work?

    In conjunction with a passing grade in a Keystone Exam course, students can satisfy the graduation requirement through various pathways. 

    Are project-based assessments still an option to meet proficiency?

    No school entity may be required to offer, nor may any student be required to participate in or complete a project-based assessment in order to meet state-wide graduation requirements as provided for in 22 Pa. Code § 4.51c.

    Do the graduation requirements apply to students who opt out of a Keystone Exam?

    Yes. Students who opt-out of one or more Keystone Exams must still meet state and local graduation requirements. Students may meet the statewide graduation requirement through one of the multiple pathways linked here. Note that the number of students who opt-out will affect the student participation rate related to a school’s accountability status.

    Is supplemental instruction required for those students who do not meet proficiency?

    A school entity may offer supplemental instruction to a student who does not demonstrate proficiency on a Keystone Exam or locally validates assessment; however, no student is required to participate.

    May students who score proficient or advanced on a Keystone Exam retake the exam?

    A student who achieves a score of proficient or advanced on a Keystone Exam shall only be permitted to retake the exam if the student or parent submits a request in writing to the school district.

    Are there requirements to include Keystone Exam proficiency levels on a student’s transcript?

    The performance level demonstrated in each of the state academic standards, including the highest performance level demonstrated by a student on the associated Keystone Exam, may be included on a student’s transcript as determined by the school district.