Semester Internships

  • Students participating in the High School Career Education Program

    Internships provide you with an opportunity to gain real-world work experiences that boosts your confidence, and help you make more informed choices about future careers and related post-secondary education and training options.

    Participating in an internship program will equip you with valuable experiences, skills, and knowledge. You'll make connections between classroom learning and workplace experiences, all while building professional relationships (networking) that are sure to bring future benefits! You may fall in love with a career field or learn that a certain field is not for you. And learning that now, while you’re still in high school, can save you from wasting both time and money later.

    You can personalize your internship experience by semester (fall and/or spring), and/or during the summer - and you may combine a semester experience (i.e. intern at both an elementary and secondary school level). Semester internships require a minimum of 7 internship hours per week, during and/or after school (weekends optional) as your schedule/credits permit. Be sure to ask a potential internship sponsor about any specific requirements you may need, especially any that are travel related (you are responsible for providing your own transportation).


    • are currently in grades 11 and 12.
    • obtain an approved Internship Sponsor and Faculty Advisor (may seek assistance from Career Education Counselor).  Family members and current employers may not serve as sponsors.
    • can get to/from internship site.
    • participate a minimum of 7 hours per week (during and/or after school if schedule/credits permit, weekends optional) over one semester (fall, spring, or summer).
    • complete and submit required application, forms (see below), and obtain Internship Sponsor clearances (3) no later than two weeks from start of semester.  


    Form A – Semester Internship Student Application Form

    Form B – Parent/Guardian Authorization and Release for Participation

    Form C – Internship Sponsor Agreement

    Form D – Faculty Adviser Agreement

    • Students will document and process internship experiences through weekly journaling in Naviance, and will complete an Internship Reflection Survey prior to semester end.

    Ready to begin? Please complete the online application and required forms. You can download the complete High School Internship Program Packet here.

    Questions? Contact Donna Foley, Career Education Counselor,