Device Protection Plan (DPP) Overview

  • What is the Device Protection Plan (DPP)?

    The optional Device Protection Plan (DPP) is a $50 per student annual fee* that provides protection for your student’s District-provided 1:1 device during each academic year. The DPP provides 100% coverage for the repair or replacement of the computer resulting from incidents such as accidental drops, liquid damage, and equipment failures beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty that would otherwise be chargeable to the student and/or parent/legal guardian.

    What does the Device Protection Plan cover?

     cracked technology screen Cracked Screen/Broken
     water droplets Cases/Liquid Damage
     trackpad/touch screen Trackpad/Keyboard
     cog wheel Mechanical Failures not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

    What the Device Protection Plan does not Cover

    • Negligent** or Intentional*** damage
    • Lost devices or stolen devices unless a police report is provided
    • Lost or damaged power cord

    Coverage Conditions

    Coverage provides for two (2) incidents per year (The 1st incident is covered 100%. The 2nd is covered minus a $50 deductible.)

    Payment Information

    You can pay with a credit card online by accessing the PaySchoolsCentral System at Be sure to select the Technology DPP option.

    Questions? E-Mail us at:

    * There is a $150 cap on the cost of DPP for families with multiple student participants
    **Negligent - failing to exercise the care expected of a reasonably prudent person in like circumstances
    ***Intentional – willful and/or deliberate