On-site (Traditional) High School Summer School

  • Attendance

    Each day of summer school is equivalent to at least one week of regular school instruction. Attendance is mandatory.

    Students enrolled in the program agree to the following attendance guidelines:

    • Students may not accumulate more than three (3) excused absences during summer school. If a student is excessively absent, he/she will be dropped from the program and will forfeit all tuition.
    • Excuses, submitted on the approved West Chester Area School District form, are required for all absences and tardiness. The District reserves the right to require a doctor’s note.
    • Students who are chronically late to class are subject to being dropped from the program.
    • Parents must call the summer school office if their child is going to be absent or late.

    Excessive Tardiness:

    • Thirty (30) minutes late to class will be recorded as one day’s absence.
    • The accumulation of thirty (30) minutes late to class accrued over the course of the program will be recorded as one day’s absence.

    Chronic Tardiness:

    • Five (5) tardies, regardless of the number of minutes late, will be recorded as one day’s absence.
    • Tuition refunds will not be given to students who are dropped from the program due to poor attendance, lateness, or behavioral problems.

    Disciplinary Regulations

    Summer school students will be expected to adhere to the West Chester Area School District’s Disciplinary Code. Violations of the Discipline Code will result in the student being suspended from summer school. All suspensions will be external and will count as an absence. The school administrator shall have the final authority for dismissal. Parents/guardians will always be informed.


    Contact Information

    West Chester High School Guidance Departments:

    • East High School: 484-266-3811 or 484-266-3824
    • Henderson High School: 484-266-3407 or 484-266-3408
    • Rustin High School:  484-266-4311 or 484-266-4318
    • Educere Personal Learning Coach: 866-EDUCERE (433-8237)